Friday, June 24, 2016


December 22 2015

Yay! My daddy got me a new cute little puppy. Hes just a fur ball with ice blue eyes. I'm so happy right now. I'll name him sparky

December 25 2015

It's Christmas! I got many presents today but the best present of all is sparky! It feels so good having a real baby brother, although this is a hairy one

December 28 2015

Sparky is growing fast! Hes gained a couple pounds since I got him. At this rate he'll turn into whale, not a dog!

January  1 2016

Happy new year! If I could wish for one thing in this new year, is to always be with sparky, forever and ever!

January 9 2016

Something a little strange I've notice. Sparky doesn't bark, in fact, he doesn't make any sounds at all! I asked mommy and daddy about this, but they say its normal.

January 15 2016

I took the doggy to the park for a little exercise. It was so cute watching him clumsily play with the ball. After the park we went home and I gave him a bath. I notice a lot of his hair falling out

January 22 2016

Happy birthday sparky! Well it's only been a month since you came to my life, but I feel so happy right now. Another weird thing I noticed. I was on my computer with my back turned to him, and I swear I heard him call out my name! I know it sounds crazy! But then again it can just be my mind acting up.

February 1 2016

Sparky is losing a lot of fur, fast! Mommy is taking him to the vet tomorrow. He eats all his food and doesn't seem sick at all. I hope hes OK. My only real friend.

February 3 2016

The vet said that it could either be seasonal shedding which is common for his breed, or minor skin irritation from the doggy shampoo. Either way, he prescribed some antibiotics just to be on 
the safe side.

February 6 2016

Sparky seems different in appearance. Beside the hair loss, he's bloated, and his skin feels thin when i pet him, almost as if i where to apply enough pressure, the skin would just come off in one go.

February 8 2016

I can't get near this dog, it smells like pure death! there is a thick yellow liquid seeping from its mouth and his eyes are bulging out. there is literally no hairs left on his body! The crazy thing is that i'm the only one that seems to notice!

February 10 2016

I'm so scared right now! I'm hiding under the sheets. I swear I can hear laughter under the bed, it's deep and raspy. But the only one under there is sparky!

February 11 2016

I managed to sleep about 3 hours. The voice would tell me how my mother was a whore and that my father hated me. I don't want to play with sparky anymore. He stares at me from across the room. I swear I saw him grin at me!

February 13 2016

The voice won't let me sleep! Now I know for a fact that it's sparky that's speaking. He lays next to me at night, and whispers terrible things. I can feel his rancid breath part the hairs around my ear.

February 16 2016

I told my parents about the whole thing. Of course they did not believe a word I said. When i got back to my room, sparky was standing on two legs staring at me with those penetrating blue eyes that I once found so cute. It walk toward me, leaving a trail of decomposing fluid and maggots. I feel paralyzed in his presence, when will this torment end!

February 22 2016

Sparky keeps talking to me, now at every waking moment of my life. He tells me to stab my father in the chest, and to gouge my mother eyes out with a spoon. he says that it will free his soul. I'm losing my mind, don't know what to do! 

February 25 2016

After breaking down in school, my parents are taking me to see a doctor. I'm afraid of that dog. I wish it would leave me alone!

March 5 2016

After a couple of weeks seeing multiple doctors, I've been diagnosed with something I can't even pronounce. Schizophrenia I think it is. The doctor gave me many pills. One of them knocks me out cold so I can finally get some sleep! I'm happy for that at least, but that stupid dog still won't shut up! Everyday more demanding, speaking obscenities about me and my family, and how I need to kill them to stop the voice.

March 8 2016

Somehow this thing has learned how to follow me in my dreams! it shows me the sequence of events that leads to the death of my parents. its too gruesome to put into words.

March 13 2016

I cant take this anymore! in a cascade of rage i kicked the dog with all my might. It hit the wall with a sickening wet thud, maggots and gray puss filled liquid decorated the room. I thought it was finally dead, but then i heard its deep mocking laughter. it slowly made itself upright. In the process its skin sloughed off like a mask, revealing the carnage within. A thin layer of skin separating its entrails from spilling on the floor. its face a contorted monstrosity of connective tissue, pulsating veins, flesh and large fangs. Now upright, its muscles rippling with every movement. Looking deeply with those piercing ice blue eyes, in a low grumble it said, "Jessica, its time."

 At this point i know what i have to do. i'll give my parents an overdose with my medications. once they are unconscious i will cut open my dad, and let sparky feast on his beating heart. afterward using a kitchen spoon, i will gouge my mothers eyes and swallow them whole. please don't judge me for what i'm about to do, but its the only way to make this nightmare stop.

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