Friday, June 24, 2016

The Girl Of My Dreams

 I remember when we fell in love. She was getting off the bus as i followed. Her thin frame so delicate, beautiful locks of gold blew in the air as the crisp night breeze parted her long silky mane. sighing deeply, Seeming tired from a long day of work; it didn't detract from her beauty. It's the same routine i had observed numerous times before, never having the courage to approach her but tonight was different. I was determined to let my existence be known.  

 Quickening my gait to decrease the distance between us, feeling my heart pounding harder than it had ever done before. Fueling my courage with every beat. I got about five feet from her before the crippling anxiety overwhelmed the immense self determination i had felt just moments before. Stopping in my tracks, trying to regain some semblance of normality. Palms dripping with sweat, feeling of self hate and despair fill my soul. I had promised myself that i would not fail this time.

 Taking a deep breath, trying to summon the strength needed, I managed to mumble, "Samantha." Quite startled she turned around looking straight at me. That was the first time i had seen her large hazel eyes. I felt lost in her gaze, a vast sea of  honey and crimson. Still gawking at her without muttering a word, she took a few steps back. Snapping out of the hypnotic spell she had laid on me, i stuttered, "Hi, my name is Michael." Clutching her purse, stepping back a bit more, " How do you know my name?" I could feel the rising fear in her voice. "Don't feel scared, i just want to talk." i said. "We have nothing to talk about, so leave me alone!" I nervously inched closer to her, "I've been wanting to talk to you since the first time I saw you walking home from work." "You have been stalking me?? Get away from me! I'm calling the police!" Those words brought my life spiraling down. All the magical moments i imagined we'ed share, the long walks on the beach, wedding, anniversaries, children. She was the girl of my dreams, We were suppose to grow old together. Rage filled every cell in my body as i saw her walk away. But that was a long time ago. i managed to win her heart at the end.

 Its amazing how life works, I laugh when i think about it. One moment you could be fuming with rage, the next you are lost in blissful delight. Samantha was so frightened that night, and now she lays beside me in bed, exhausted from a night of pleasure like any couple should. the silhouette of her delightful body covered by  thin bed sheets. Staring at the ceiling fan with big protruded bloodshot eyes, foam trickling from her gaping mouth, face purple with stagnant blood. You know? its not so easy to strangle someone in real life. It's not like the movies where the person struggles for a few seconds and collapse in unconsciousness.

 Samantha fought for her life. Scratching at my face and arms as my hands crushed her trachea. I was filled with pleasure, knowing the last thing she would be ever see was me on top of her. feeling the last breath of life escape her body, i unzipped my pants and thrusted into her. Its been 6 hours since then, her body is losing its warmth but my sexual desire keeps growing. I guess i'll cut this post short to continue enjoying her a little more.

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